What is localization and why does my business need it?

Localization is the next step after translation in which content is adapted to a specific locale or target market. Localization includes:

  • Adapting graphics to appeal to specified target markets.
  • Modifying content, copy, and language for specified target markets.
  • Attention to detail in content, copy, and language to include local requirements (such as currencies, units of measure, formats for dates, addresses, and phone numbers).
  • Ensuring that content, copy, and language follow local regulations and legal requirements, as well as cultural, social, and religious nuances.
  • Why localize? Because not everyone speaks the same language – even in the same country. Localizing your content and materials is critical to communicating to your audience. You will be able to effectively reach current and potential customers in their native language or dialect, currency, and in a manner that acknowledges and respects their customs, culture, and religion.

Localization is an essential part of the translation process because it allows clients to communicate their message to their target markets effectively. Localization is used for many kinds of projects, including website content localization, print marketing localization, software localization, video game localization, as well as the local adaptation of audio, video and other multimedia content.

AAA Translation takes a comprehensive approach to localization that includes the following aspects:

  • Localization should be applied to all communications and marketing materials, including electronic and social media, print materials, software, and multimedia packages.
  • Technical products like software, computer programs, and video games should be localized on all levels including the user interface and how numbers are presented.
  • Cultural nuances, appropriateness of graphics, font selection, and even locally-preferred color schemes must be reviewed and implemented.

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