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Localization Services

Localization goes beyond translation to further adapt content to a specific locale or market. It is often the second phase of a larger process and includes website localization, software localization, video game localization, as well as the adaptation of  audio, video and other multimedia content.

Why localize your content? Because all studies show that customers prefer (and buy more often) when content is presented in their native language and currency -- and does not ignore or insult their culture and customs. Within a given region or language, different dialects and cultural differences are often present. For example, different dialects of Spanish are spoken in Spain and in Latin America, and even within Latin America, currencies and customs vary. And even though the U.S. and the U.K. both speak English, names for common products and services are often different (sometimes significantly different). Nuances are important, and it's critical to work with professionals who understand the unique cultures and languages of your global markets.

AAA Translation provides a comprehensive approach to localization:

  • The localization process should be applied to all communications and marketing materials, including websites and other online presence, software and multimedia packages
  • From a technical standpoint, all facets of the material being localized must be considered, from the user interface to how numbers and other values must be presented in the local format
  • Cultural nuances, appropriateness of graphics and even locally-preferred color schemes must be reviewed and implemented
  • Beyond the appropriateness of graphics, other graphic design considerations must be addressed. Fonts selected should be compatible with the translated language, and the graphics must be designed with enough space for language expansion across various languages (Spanish text can grow by 30% in size and Asian text will shrink when translated, for example)

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